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Below are guidelines for purchasing your instrument.

Please contact Erasmia directly to help you with your instrument purchase: (917) 402-9775


Can be rented or purchased from:

Steinway & Sons (Eddie Strauss): 212-332-1003, www.steinway.com

Fortepiano (Dean or Vladimir): 201-265-1212, www.fortepianonj.com

Arlan Harris: 646-831-5149, www.arlanharris.com/pianos.html
Arlan has been my piano technician since 1991, and often has trade ins or customer consignments that are not listed on his website.

Once you have your piano, don't forget to tune it twice a year! For local tunings in Jersey City, I highly recommend:
Ken Sebesky: 201-709-2070

Good deals CAN sometimes be found on Craigslist, but "Buyer Beware." It's important to factor in costs for moving, tuning, professional opinions, and repairs, especially if the piano has not been maintained for years. A free piano is never truly free, and rarely "just needs a tuning." Some used pianos are worth the investment, others are not.

Electronic keyboards should be considered only as temporary alternatives; they are not adequate substitutes to a real piano. If starting out on a digital piano, please purchase a model with the FULL 88 keys, weighted action, pedal, permanent stand and bench (such as, Yamaha Clavinova or Arius)


Can be rented or purchased from:

Johnson String Instrument: 617-964-0954, www.johnsonstring.com

Shar Music: 1 800-248-7427, www.sharmusic.com

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