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Investing in the proper equipment is an important ingredient to achieving success in learning a musical instrument. A commitment to a fine instrument, as well as a fine teacher, will allow your child to reap fully the benefits of the lessons. It is important to take the time to choose wisely and to commit to the highest level instrument you can.

Erasmia and Ashley have years of experience selecting instruments for students and guiding families in the search process. Please contact them directly for more information:

917 402-9775 or 646 250-9775


Here are a few helpful hints to get started on your search:


Electronic keyboards are not considered an adequate substitute to a real piano.

With regard to Craigslist: you can use up hours pursuing false leads and dead ends, as well as money paying for professional opinions and repairs.

Better to go with a well-respected dealer, (buyer beware, they're not all alike!), who may also be able to offer rental programs and dealer-financing.

Steinway & Sons (Eddie Strauss): 212-332-1003, www.steinway.com

Fortepiano (Dean or Vladimir): 201-265-1212, www.pianostorenj.com


String instruments come in the following sizes: full, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth. It is very important that each student be properly fitted for the right size instrument. In addition, since most beginners cannot change strings or tune their instruments on their own, it is important to invest in a good quality and stable instrument.

We like the following dealers:

David Segal Violins: 212-769-4559, www.davidsegalviolins.com

Johnson Strings: 617-964-0954, www.johnsonstring.com

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