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Below are guidelines for purchasing your instrument.

Please contact Erasmia directly to help you with your instrument purchase: 917-402-9775


Can be rented or purchased from:

Once you have your piano, don’t forget to tune it twice a year! For local tunings in Jersey City, I recommend Ken Sebesky: 201-709-2070

Good deals CAN sometimes be found on Craigslist, but “Buyer Beware.” It’s important to factor in costs for moving, tuning, professional opinions, and repairs, especially if the piano has not been maintained for years. A free piano is never truly free, and rarely “just needs a tuning.” Some used pianos are worth the investment, others are not.

What about getting a keyboard? Electronic keyboards should be considered a temporary alternative. Also, not all keyboards are the same. If starting out on a digital, it’s important to choose a real “digital piano” with the full 88-key, weighted action, pedal, stand and proper height bench. Keep in mind that no keyboard comes close to imitating the tonal and kinesthetic qualities of a good piano. Children are sometimes accustomed to viewing technology as disposable novelty items. Planning an upgrade to an acoustic piano helps ensure long-term success. A quality instrument can be an inspiring and symbolic addition to your home, and a future family heirloom. It plants the idea that music is a permanent part of a child’s life.


Can be rented or purchased from: